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    Cheap, yet worthy web hosting

    Ive am a Oktagone user, and I have been unsatisfied in the last 3 months. So I have decided to change hosting. Right now, my sites do require good quality hosting. I get over 10,000 visitors a week so I need high bandwidth. I mainly use 1 gb of storage but in my line of work, game development, I need lots of storage to play around with.

    Does anyone know of any really cheap hosters that have lots of bandwidth and storage?


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    Budget per month/Willing to Pay Per Month: $8 Mainly because we are just an indie company, that don't aim to make money right away.

    Oktagone was on Linux, and for the fact that Linux is better to be hosted on than windows, I would have to say Linux.

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    With 10 000 uniques per week you should be able to make more then $8 with adsense alone. Surely you can afford something of higher quality.

    If you're paying $8 a month you're going to get your money's worth.

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    Just got to keep an eye out, I am sure everyone knows what I mean when I say there there are tons of hosting companies out there. If you need good quality fast, you can go to a larger and somewhat more expensive company, otherwise it's not easy to find a great host with the services you need.
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    Hello and welcome to WHT, bnewsom.

    With your current budget, I'm sure there are hosts out there who could provide you with the services that you need. But I'm still kinda unsure about your BW. 1GB space and 10,000 visitors, you'd most probably be looking at at least 50GB or more bandwidth, which would be something a lot of hosts could not provide.

    Perhaps you should try this site...

    They provide 5GB space and 10GB downloads DAILY!!!

    You should be able to get enough from there.

    Good Luck!
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    There are ot of hosts that would even offer much more than this for less than $8, but the question is how reliable they are? You wont like to change your host every month, isnt it? I would advice, do proper research, read reviews, contact hosts and then settle down for a host you believe is reliable and suits your budget and other requirements.
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    Take a look in the offer section of WHT
    Try the "Shared and Reseller offer" forum.
    Check hosting companies support system how long will it
    take before you get help, and search for bad complains about the company in the forum.

    Good luck

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    Oktagone this year freakishly gave me unlimited everything, so I was very happy with the service. For me its hard to break away from oktagone cuz I was super happy, but I will check out powweb.

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