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    [for Sale] Php Pro Bid License

    Sale fell through so I still currently have an extra phpprobid license that I'm looking to sell since I won't have time to work with it any time soon and need money.

    I'm looking to sell for $140, PayPal only (Confirmed Address). They go for $210 USD.

    You can find out more about PHP Pro Bid here.

    I know about the terms and conditions on their sign up page:
    This license is non transferable, you may not re-sell this product or any of the code included in any way. You must not lease, rent, re-distribute the product to any party without the developers prior written consent and approval.
    I have confirmation from the admin of PHP Pro Bid that I can sell the license and it was confirmed by a leader on name pros as well.

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    You should get the license confirmed here as well. Go to the help desk and submit a ticket.

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    anyway to intergrate vB into this?

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    you can't integrate vB, but there is a forum mod that can be added.

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    $125 I'll do, as long as I can confirm that the transfer is legit, etc.

    I'm ready.


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