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    Dedicated Servers

    He there,

    I am looking for a decent hosting company, I have about 7 sites that consume more than 600GB of bandwith a month, and they would take up to 30GB of space, I need a dedicated server, where I can host multiple domain names on it, and it'd be provided from a decent company, and the cheaper the better....


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    If you need a managed dedicated server go with Liquidweb, Servint, Steadfast Networks.

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    anymore choices?

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    i suggest you look around on wht, there are more choices like allmanaged, fdcservers, resellerworkz, dedicatedplace, rackspace

    and there are more, just look in this dedicated servers part or in the Dedicated and Colo Hosting Offers section

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    Whats your current price range? With only 30GB space needed maybe you could get away with running a VPS? Although there seem to be plenty of companies around here who offer dedicated cheap enough.
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    42, they have what you are asking for.

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    If you decide to go VPS (Probably your best option) - PowerVPS -
    If you want to go full dedicated - Ubiquity Hosting - (however, unmanaged).
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  8. At 600GB you're starting to get into the range where a DS is worthwhile. DS solutions that meet your current need will begin in the $100 range.

    However, depending upon your expectations of growth you may be better off getting a slightly more expensive solution that gives you room to grow.
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