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    Review Registerfly,, Carpathiahost VPS Hosting Testing

    I am from Asia. I donít want to fight with below hosting providers. Just I talk about my testing.
    I used below vps hosting providers and receive below result:

    1-Registerfly vps hosting plan
    I used for more than two months. After few days our mailing was failure and after sending request support ticket solve problem whiten 3 days and after one month I loosed phpmyadmin in all accounts. After over few connections with support not repair and I closed my account at Registerfly. The response to support tickets is too slow.
    I think registerfly is between user and provider. Is the better to take hosting accounts from standalone hosting companies? Registerfly is the best in domain registration. Vps Plan
    The support is too slow and poor. After registering and more than ten mails I havenít received how to set the nameserver and only receive this answer: ""Contact to your registrar"". I cancelled my account after six days and I loosed my one month pre-payment.

    This company is great. The Live support within 20 minutes helped me how can I setting my accounts from simple to big my questions. The server speed is very good and peoples in support are very nice.
    Was I had a problem in database and after posting ticket I received response about solved the problem within one hour.

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    yeah, registerfly is a piece of crap, been 6 days and no response to my ticket..

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    I registered with registerfly, then very, very quickly got rid of it, it was a 90+ dollar mistake (setup fees).

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    oh my god..Registerfly is the big company with very poor and slow support desk. I registerd for three months and I loosed my money.

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    I've heard a lot about registerfly lately - I definitely need to get a VPS there to see what it is all about!

    There are lots of great providers - don't limit yourself back to shared just because of a bad vps experience.

    Research, test their support and in the end you'll come out with the right answer for you.


    How did you originally hear about carpathiahost?
    Web hosting by Fused ó For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    I've seen the benchmarks from Registerfly VPS's, I wouldn't call a Unixbench of 2 particularly impressive ...

    I have to mention though, all of the above mentioned providers are unmanaged servers, if you don't know how to set up nameservers, you need to get an admin to do it for you. That is probably the reason you got the answer you did, because they do not offer managed services.


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    I satisfied my current hosting company. This company not billing any cost for extra support. I think is better to register any hostings to companyes doing only in hosting service. registerfly and other same as this company with too many services no good for profetional hosting and have contract with other hosting company and cannot gave best service to customers. The best way is to register at stand alone hosting company like Powervps, Liquidweb, Carpatihahost, Ipowerweb and others.

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    Yeah I'm tempted to spend the $15.99 and try out one of RegisterFly's VPS's as well...I can't imagine they'd be entirely terrible, I think I'm gonna give it a whirl and report the results...

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