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    * Servermojo does it better!

    Free server uptime monitoring and alerts service!

    Latest additions..

    Server response time stats! (with obligatory funky graphs! )
    Multi-location scanning! Now each server is checked 3 times from two locations before sending an alert!

    Also with all this..

    Get free IM alerts with our own private Instant Messaging server!
    15 minute monitoring intervals!
    Free email alerts also of course as always!
    SMS alerts available! (for premium accounts)
    Monitor ping, http, mysql, dns and http with keyword check!
    Monitor all your servers with one account!
    Online status page showing current status, down/uptimes and lots of stats!
    Full uptime stats with funky graphs showing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly uptime!
    Account management page to delete/edit your monitors and update your IM alerts.
    Handy traceroute graphs to help diagnose your network issues!

    Yes it really is FREE - no catch!

    Instant signup and monitor activation - don't delay, register free today!!

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    Hey these guys do a great job at!

    Thanks for the nice and really free service MegaCGI!
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Re: Servermojo does it better!

    SMS alerts available! (for premium accounts)

    Premium accounts available soon..
    Premium account features will include: SMS alerts, 'pause' feature for sms alerts, custom scanning frequency, ability to lock reports, ability to disable ads on your report pages and more..
    When will premium accounts be available?

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    When will premium accounts be available?
    Technically they are available now, the features exist there just isn't an automated signup process for it yet.. anyone that wants to signup can email me and I will setup the premium account.

    Thanks tuwebfacil!
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    OK thanks. How much does it cost a month, can SMS's be sent to the UK and what are the advantages?

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    I'll chip in another kudos for servermojo. They've been exceptionally responsive to a few "special needs" I had, and were some of the most polite people I've ever met about it.

    Thanks a lot for the service MegaCGI, it's top notch!

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    really awesome for free, will even try premium becuz of it.


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    If text alerts can be sent to the uk i'd be interested in upgrading to premium

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    sms can be sent to most places, I can send you a test sms to check it if you want.

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    How much does it cost a month
    It will be $10/month.

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    I really like the service and would definitely be interested in upgrading, hope its available soon!

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    Excellent service..!

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    Premium accounts now available!

    Finally what you've all been waiting for..

    Premium accounts complete with sms alerts are now available!!

    To upgrade simply login to your free account and click the 'upgrade' link in the left column or click 'profile' and use the upgrade link there.

    Premium accounts include..

    SMS alerts - upto 50 each month!
    'Pause' feature for sms alerts - so you don't use them up too quickly!
    Custom scanning frequency - from 1 minute to 60 minutes!
    Ability to lock reports - to keep your stats private!
    Ability to disable ads on your report pages - great for hosts!

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