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    PHPAudit v2 Released - License, distribute & sell your PHP scripts

    PHPAudit v2 Released!

    Yesterday, SolidPHP, Inc released the first major update to PHPAudit, PHPAudit v2. PHPAudit v2 has been completely rewritten from the ground up, and has been in development for over a year. PHPAudit v2 now brings feature packed invoicing and shopping cart style ordering to the licensing market, along with a whole host of new, unique features, such as multiple order forms and client areas, multiple licensing methods, and much much more.

    Why choose PHPAudit?

    PHPAudit is a full featured PHP Software Distribution Solution for Independent Software Vendors and PHP Developers, which automates the distribution of your code from new orders to product download & licensing, and is available from only $125 for an owned license, or $12 a month for leased - PHPAudit v2 is affordable for everyone. PHPAudit has been stable and preventing script piracy for over 3 years, and so when you purchase PHPAudit you know that you are purchasing stable, proven software used by hundreds of developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) across the globe. Whether you are using PHPAudit with 10 licenses or 10,000; PHPAudit can scale to your requirements without any impact on performance.
    See the complete list of reasons of why PHPAudit v2 is right for you and your business at

    PHPAudit v2 Features:

    Administration Panel features:
    • Full client management and search capabilities
    • Add, clone, edit and delete your products. Full & complete management over your products is possible
    • Create your add-ons and attach them to your product(s)
    • Powerful coupon and tax system
    • Create a variety of licensing 'rules'
    • Validate licenses remotely through sockets or cURL
    • 'Local Key' based license validation to remote the need for your script to connect to your server
    • Unlicensed products - PHPAudit supports products which are simply sold without a license
    • Mix and match - mix remote licensing with a local key to create a flexible licensing solution for your product(s)
    • Full support for support and upgrade package extensions
    • Manage your legal agreements (EULA's, terms of service etc...)
    • Complete control over orders and invoices
    • Fully configurable payment processor modules
    • Full Backup system with nightly emailed backups to allow you to rollback or restore PHPAudit as quickly as possible
    • Multiple administrators with fully configurable permissions based on no access, read and write access to each area in PHPAudit
    • Full configuration over your 'custom modules' which can be added directly into the administration panel, client area and/or order form.
    • Distribution Management, which integrates with the ionCube encoder
    • ... and much much more!

    Order form features include:
    • Full shopping cart system
    • Order multiple products in one transaction.
    • Multiple recurring products and different payment terms per product are supported in one transaction
    • Users can order an unlimited number of add-ons, support upgrades and update extensions per product

    Client area features include:
    • Review existing orders and place new orders
    • Review licenses and download products
    • Pay invoices
    • Ability to integrate modules directly into the client area

    View our complete feature list at

    See PHPAudit v2 for yourself

    Administration Panel live demo:
    Client area live demo:
    Order form live demo:

    …or try out our free 21 day trial:

    Purchase PHPAudit v2

    PHPAudit starts at only $125 or $12 per month. When purchasing PHPAudit, you can purchase PHPAudit with 1 order profile which allows you 1 client area and order form, or with 2 profiles allowing you 2 client areas and 2 order forms. You can also add additional profiles to your license after you’ve purchased.

    PHPAudit – 1 Profile
    Owned license: $125
    Leased license: $12 per month
    Order here:,2

    PHPAudit – 2 Profiles
    Owned license: $150
    Leased license: $15 per month
    Order here:,2

    Other purchasing options – PHPAudit Bundles

    PHPAudit can be purchased in a bundle with other products and services including the ionCube encoder, ionCube Package Foundry and the Buildexec installation creator.

    PHPAudit v2 & ionCube encoder Bundles
    PHPAudit v2 can be purchased with the Entry, Pro or Cerberus versions of the ionCube encoder. For more information on the ionCube encoder, please visit
    Bundles start at only $240, with savings of up to $90!
    View and purchase our bundles at

    PHPAudit v2 & ionCube Package Foundry Bundles
    PHPAudit v2 can be purchased with the ionCube Package Foundry. The ionCube Package Foundry is a unique product for creating familiar and easy to use, multilingual installer programs for your web applications.

    PHPAudit v2 with ionCube Encoder and Package Foundry
    SolidPHP, Inc is now proud to offer a bundle of PHPAudit with the ionCube Encoder, ionCube Package Foundry and ionCube Professional GUI. The separate selling price of these items is $480 (based on 1 PHPAudit Profile and the Entry Encoder), and they can be all yours for only $360 – a saving of $120 / 25%!
    Savings of up to $125 as possible depending on the bundle options you choose. View and order our amazing ‘mega bundles’ at:

    PHPAudit v2 with Buildexec Installation Builder Credits
    With Buildexec, you can create professional looking PHP installations in minutes using a variety of pre-made templates.
    For up to data pricing and for more information, please visit

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    We use phpaudit and we love it. It is very easy to use, and I can rest easily knowing that nobody is stealing the software I spend many hours developing.

    And no, this post was not solicited by anyone. I just really like the product a lot since it helps me make more money selling my own software.

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