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Thread: aesir networks?

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    aesir networks?

    Hello everyone-

    First I am student in a web design program. I recently signed up for hosting with, and like everyone else, got burned.

    Anyway, my question is about aesir networks. I am still in the learning stages of web design so I would like a host that offers ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion and Aesir networks does. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on the reliability of this host. The price is about 20 a month for the basic plan. After getting burned buy those oh soo affordable people at datapacket I am not sure if it is safe to pay that little for all those hosting options. Although I can't really afford much more.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Never heard of their business. Got a web addy?

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    I am guessing that addy=address. if that is correct, is it. sorry, can't post links yet.


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