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    Complete HOW-TO on Setting up a Total Webserver on WINDOWS

    Complete HOW-TO on Setting up a Total Webserver on WINDOWS

    Hi guys,
    I have been trying to setup my own webserver on my HOME internet connection. Let me give all the details first and then ask for help.

    My setup:
    I have 4 computers on a WIRELESS cable connection, d-link router. I have TWO PC's in one room. One pc is used frequently for ALL my tasks, so this pc will not want to be setup for REMOTE Access, but i'd like to be able to setup all the goodies for LOCAL Access, meaning ONLY mc pc it's running on, no body from the outside should be able to access this pc. This PC is running WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION SP 2, and has Mcafee virus protection and firewall, as well as blackice firewall.

    The other PC, I'd like to setup as a TOTAL webserver, complete 100% just like the box I rent from "the planet". This pc is CURRENTLY running windows xp home edition sp 2 and just windows firewall. I want to set this sucker up so it can host a few websites, and be accessable from the entire internet. I have a domain registered and ready to setup for it, but I don't know how. It's registered at godaddy, but I can buy a new domain somewhere else if necessary.

    Can someone give me some help, maybe a bunch of GOOD links directly to tutorials setup for people me? I have searched google but everything I find is incomplete and the majority is for LINUX boxes on a REMOTE connection.

    I don't mind setting up linux on this computer, I just don't know how or which one to setup? If someone were to help me, I would be eternally grateful. If it were possible to have it setup in two partitions or so, so I could use as a webserver sometimes and use as my second pc for browsing and proccessing and playing games some of the time, that would be awesome, and if I could do both at the same time on that one pc that would be the BEST~!

    PC Security is a BIG issue, I don't want my computers to get comprimsed please. I use things like CRON, APACHE, MYSQL, PHP on my linux box at the planet, it has Red hat 8.0 with cpanel / whm, no extra mods installed. Please advise~! I am not having a good month this month and I am very tired of all this reading I am doing which is useless, I want to read the CORRECT stuff so I can do this.

    Thanks many times in advance`!

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    First: i dont think wins xp home have IIS in it. I rather go with wins xp pro
    Second: is your ip static ? if so it will make your life is more easier
    Third: go here
    Fourth: good luck and have fun

    p/s: with linux rh it has mysql,apache, there like a webserver ( if you chose install those options).

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    XP Home does not come with IIS. So you need a different OS, or you need to install Apache on the Windows PC.

    If you just want websites, and don't have much experience with either OS, I'd stick with apache on Windows. Get the installers for Apache, MySql and PHP (if needed), and run them. The difficult bit is configuring apache for your box, but you should have a no problems using google to get help on that. Then, you need to point your domain's NS record at your PC's IP address (get a static IP if you're hosting a server).

    If you decide to go Linux, I'd go with Fedora which is easier to install and has nice graphical front end.

    As for having to read stuff.. too bad, we all have to do that to learn. I cannot tell you how to secure your server completely (especially as I don't know what you've installed yet),
    If you really want help like that - pay someone to secure your server for you, and make sure they tell you what they did. There are a few security people who post on WHT who perform ths service.

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    Does your isp even allow you access to incoming port 80? May of them will block it to prevent hosting a website. On top of that it is illegal in just about all home cable/dsl connections.

    As suggested above you should look at a real server OS, not sometihng that is meant for a desktop, if you want to truly be secure.
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