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Thread: 32bit or 64bit?

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    32bit or 64bit?


    I'm planning to purchase a new computer and cannot decide which platform to choose? Does anyone use 64bit processors here and Windows x64?

    Would I see the difference in performance if I buy a 64bit system?

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    32-bit, unless you can work with beta drivers and possibly applications that won't run. Any program with any old 16-bit code will not work and some game makers (as only one example) have publically stated XP x64 won't be supported for their software.

    In a year or so, when there is better driver support and applications written to take advanage of x64 it will be worth looking at again. recently had a piece on the difference Far Cry for x64 systems had vs. the 32-bit version. The speed increase was only 5%. There are probably other articles there that measure the speed, but I haven't read them yet.
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    I definetly say 32bit!!!! Its MUCH BETTER!!!!!!

    Good Luck

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    Get an AMD socket 939 64 bit processor
    Then you can upgrade to AMD's dual core CPU's when those come out
    But just use 32 bit windows

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    Originally posted by The Dude
    I definetly say 32bit!!!! Its MUCH BETTER!!!!!!

    Good Luck

    Uhm... how is 32-bit better?

    You obviously have much reading to do.
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    Get an Athlon64, they perform exceptionally well for the price regardless of 32 or 64 bit.
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    Go 64bit, go.

    Well, I would say socket 939 AMD64 will be the best buy at the moment because if you are using socket 939 motherboard, you can easily upgrade your processor to Dual Core AMD processor with just a BIOS upgrade in the future.

    I suppose the new system will last you for another 4-5 years, and I have a feeling soon we all are going to be 64bit enabled. Say 4 years down the road, you wanna upgrade your system, with socket 939 motherboard, you just have to buy another Dual Core AMD processor and replace the AMD64.

    Anyway, with 64bit processor you have the room to upgrade to 64bit WinXP professional (who knows, 64bit Longhorn 4 years later) too.

    Since you are asking about 32bit or 64bit, so I won't touch on the heat and power consumption advantage here.

    By the way, I'm a AMD64 user, using socket 754 though.
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