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    looking to advertise

    i am looking to advertise on sites with very high traffic (alexa rank of <80K) and few outgoing links (up to 10). the sites must be related to technology or tech careers. PM me if you are interested. please inlcude stats and prices.

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    i have a gaming site with alexa 76000

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    Alexa's statistics are not accurate. Its only for those who use the Alexa toolbar

    Google PR is the way to go, I have two sites to advertise on: PR5 PR3

    Price via PayPal only: $30 per month site wide, no rotation. 120x60 pixel banner will be created for you FREE!

    Stats are available on the right panel on the sites above.

    PM me to get your campaign established!
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    Hi PR 6 with PR 5 and 4 subpages
    Alexa Rating goes from 90 - 116k not sure what it is right now (just checked its 90,547)
    Link on the Front page is 25 dollars a month. There are 5 being removed Monday.

    Also if you are interested please check this thread for an e3 ad campaign i am putting together

    We accept paypal.

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