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    Question Host Recommendations


    I've read through the forums and have seen answers to a lot of my questions but I thought if it's not a hassle to draw on your obvious expertise!

    I'm about to set up my first site and I'm looking for a decent host. I don't need anything extravagant in terms of space or traffic but whatever host I go with needs to be extensible as my needs will probably grow in the future.

    Initially I'm going to have two domains - one which will run a forum, have a photo gallery, and just be a general personal site (to enable a dispersed family to stay in contact).

    The other will also be relatively small - nothing intensive, so won't really factor into my needs (although I will want to run two seperate domains).

    Anyway, to put some numbers on it 1gb would be ample space, if not too much, - I don't even anticipate needing that initially. As for traffic - I'm not sure I can make a good estimation of traffic as I haven't any real experience, but again nothing huge immediately with the flexibility to support increasing usage. I won't be doing anything intensive like providing lots of video to download etc.

    I'm based in Australia so if anyone knows if any good Australian servers that would be good ... but I guess it doesn't really matter where they are. I'm looking for reliability overall ... and support for things like PHP/MySQL/ASP as I will be incorporating some of those features.

    I would anticipate spending around A$20/month initially.

    Sorry for any vagueness, any help greatly appreciated!
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    1 GB should be a nice size for a forum / picture gallery. And if that's all you're running, then you're bandwidth requirements shouldn't be very high at all.

    Have you checked out the offer forums yet? Lots of hosts offer multi-domain packages. It shouldn't be too hard to find what you're looking for. Good luck!
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    Agreed, you shouldn't need more than a few GB bandwidth and that's even optimistic for a personal site. You should be able to find plenty of good hosts that offer that. I don't know of any in Australia, though.

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    I don't often say this but you can easily spend less than $20 for your requirements.
    I don't know who has Australian servers but there are several "Aussie" hosts on this forum.

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    Thanks for your assistance ppls

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    They offer for about your budget a really quality service.

    I suggest them if you are at your first experience.

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    20AUD = around 15US$ and thats quiet good a budget for 1GB hosting..

    I suggest you go through various hosts and their reviews here at wht... Take some time to research and decide for yourself what is best. Its important you choose such a host, that you wont have to change next month.
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    Give Chalice Web a try.

    They have great rates and options you can grow into.

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