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    Need Cached Pages to recover lost content

    Hey, about a week ago my website went down and didnt come back up so I had to get a new host a rebuild the site, but I did not get all of the content back up because the database was old.

    Anyway, I have searched all the major search engines for cache of my pages to see if I can get the few articles that I missed and have since been updated to what they are now (blank)

    Is there some sort of spider or engine or something that keeps old cache or a search engine that is extremely slow and updating?

    For example, I am looking for this article:

    Google has already updated its cache and shows nothing, a few other search engines have it listed as what it used to be, but they dont have the option to view the cache. Please help me! Thank!

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    Did you try ?

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    Yeah I checked, they only have stuff on my site from about a year ago.

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    what about local cache on your own system? I am not sure there are going to be many options for ya, unfortunatelly.
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    Or try searching google and then click on the cached page rather than the link search returns
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