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    [Paid Project] Modernbill Configuration Help Needed

    I'm looking for Modernbill setup help.

    This will include starting from a scratch install (done by MB), and setting up hosting and non-hosting packages including:

    - Enom
    - Paypal
    - One whm/cp server
    - Monthly billing on the 1st for all services.
    - Advanced add-on configuration for cross-selling hosting and non-hosting services during signup.
    - Enter in and set up existing customers.

    I'm probably leaving something out, but the bottom line is I want the system to be done, ready, tested and in service at job completion.

    PM me or email for more details if needed.
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    Talking RE: [Paid Project] Modernbill Configuration Help Needed


    I have sent you a private message about this offer.

    Dane Smith
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    Are you still looking?

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    Thanks for asking. I did select someone and the work is in progress at this time.
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