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    [FOR HIRE] Cheap live support/ticket/MSN agent.

    Hello All.

    I am currently looking for work as a live chat and support desk agent.

    Job Description
    - I can provide direct support to shared, and reseller hosting through live chat, email, MSN, and ticket support methods.

    Experienced in:
    WHM Reseller
    Direct Admin [LIMITED]

    I am able to answer most all questions about hosting, I am good with pre-sales questions as well.

    Currently employed at and

    Monthly desired payment: $30-120 USD.
    Im willing to work for more then one company at once.

    Im in the United States, Wasington state. Not willing to relocate (work from home).

    Please PM me or post a reply if interested.

    Thank You

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    You may want to include what times you are available to work to give people an idea of your availability.

    Good luck with the job hunting.
    James Chillman -UK Backup Limited Online Backup Offsite Backup, Backup Software

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    A couple of questions. What type of experiece do you have (what companies have you worked with?)

    How old are you? Can you provide references?

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    I am 16 years of age, I am currently employed by SigmaServers and KaveyHosting.

    You can contact Kavey from KaveyHosting at kavey at

    You can contact Andre from SigmaServers at [email protected]

    I am available to work from 6PM-9PM on weekends, and from 12PM-11PM on weekends PST Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

    Past history:
    At age 14 I started my own hosting company, didnt go so well because of financial issues. Sold it for approx. $2,500 locally. Since the hosting has changed names and I have lost track of it.

    At age 15 I started a webdevelopment company, currently co-ceo of the company with a friend. Employing 16 people, ages varying from 17-30. Since the webdesign company has developed into a hosting division (in development), a dedicated reseller (in development), a gaming division, a programming division, and a free/paid hosting division (

    Due to financial problems (bills on top of bills), Im seeking some extra work. I no longer do webdesign but others in the company still pursue the dream that I had for the company.

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    Reminds me of when I was young. When I was 16, that was about 1992. And here I am in 2005 doing basically the same stuff. I only still know one of my original subscribers--he's a doctor now--Radiology. Funny, my prices were about the same as yours--I charged people $ to access the door games on my BBS. Since I only had two phone lines, basic access was free but there was a time limit--if you really wanted to get into some of the games like TW2002 you had to play for hours. I designed some really cool interfaces too--back then we called them "menus"--where was no HTML, just ANSI. You didn't use a mouse either, so there was no need for hypertext. Really the internet is pretty much the same as it was in 1992, only our BBS's had a more character--things werent' so standardized, the sysop was responsible for the look and feel of the interface. Pretty much we had to customize anything that looked default--maybe like skinning only without pixels Back then there weren't too many 16 y/o guys writing software--but that said I really respect these young guys because I know I did some of my best work in highschool--before Windows took over and bloated everything. I digress.

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    Since I'm new to this forum so I cannot PM to reply your post. Can you please send me your contact information to euroxsw at hotmail dot com. Would like to discuss some possibile work opportunity with you.



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    Email sent.

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    I would like to hire you monthly $25.00 BUT you get:

    0.50 every support request.

    Of course, my operators have not started work yet because the business will pick up with my ad
    campaigns, and I can't afford to pay them more then $10.00 a month right now *embarrased*

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    Just outside of Philly
    PM'd you.

    We're looking for PT helpdesk/pre-sales people with the right attitude.

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