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  1. #1 - Billy G's safehouse - for sale

    IEproxy is for sale.

    It's a free anonymous web browser. So far the traffic is low as it's a new site, but it has good, clean design so people will come with a little promotion.

    Make your offers

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    any bin price or what are looking for? Also, is that a custom script or not, because I tried 2 sites and the second didn't come up?

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    Your script is 'fine' but it doesn't work with website using javascript extended features.

    such as:

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    Quite nice!

    How much are you looking for?
    Did you write the script yourself?
    Any known bugs?
    Are the google adwords based on the page contents, or just from the contents of the frame they are based in?

    Thank you.

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    IEproxy uses a the phproxy script so it's not a custom script. That script is tested out by many people so there shouldn't be any bugs. The advanced javascript features likely don't work as they could compromise your privacy and thus make it worthless.

    The google ads are based on the content of the entire page. Just go to using IEproxy, and the google ads will be about the latest headlines

    I'm not sure how much to ask, I haven't sold much before. I'm thinking something in the $120 range.

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    IEproxy is still for sale.

    If $120 is too much, I'm open for negotiation

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