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    Shared / Resellers Webhosting - Pay for quality not quantity

    Have you guys tried to buy webhosting from companys that tended to not work well? Downtime a issue? websites have a high downtime? need less down time? UISRegistry services have 99.995% Uptime guaranteed. Our prices may be a little bit higher than others but we guarantee you will not see any downtime.

    Our webhosting package contains:

    Shared accounts come with cpanel and fantastico
    shared hosting 1:
    350mb space / 10gb bandwith

    shared hosting 2:
    500mb space / 15gb bandwith

    shared hosting 3:
    1000mb space / 20gb bandwith

    shared hosting 4:
    2000mb space / 30gb bandwith

    shared hosting 5:
    4000mb space / 50gb bandwith

    Resellers webhosting packages come with WHM , cpanel , and fantastico

    reseller webhosting 1:
    1000mb space / 50 gb bandwith

    reseller webhosting 2:
    5000mb space / 100gb bandwith

    reseller webhosting 3:
    15000mb space / 200gb bandwith

    reseller webhosting 4:
    30000mb space / 300gb bandwith

    reseller webhosting 5:
    45000mb space / 300gb bandwith

    If you guys have any questions please email us at [email protected] or post a reply or pm me with ur questions thank you for looking at UISRegistry information.

    UISRegistry Shared Webhosting FULL information:

    UISRegistry Resellers Webhosting FULL information:

    Our domains are 12.95$ per year. Our domains propagate in 10 minutes with out 24-72 hours wait and you have full domain access at your account. Please email us any questions you may have.

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    We are now offering Coupons for any packages you buy - 25% off. Please PM ME prior to ordering if u are interested. (this coupon is only valid for shared and reslelers webhosting NOT domains thank you)
    Vincent W. - Brooklyn, NY - New York Based Shared / Reseller Webhosting Services
    99% Uptime Guaranteed - 30day Money Back Guarantee - Instant Setup

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