im setting up a site to give uers information and it covers css, flsh, hosting adn all things to do with the internet.

at the moment i dont have nay informationon hosting and its not something im totally up with so this is where you come in

if you can write a page of information about hosting i will put that page up on my iste and also in that text you can link to your own site. this way i get some content and you get free advertising. im happy for you to inlude banners within the text too

im looo for info on all apsects of hosting eg

add on domains, parked domains, sub domains, dns and so one.

if you canwrite a bit about a certain thing about what it is and what it means and how it can be sued then ill put up your page.

i woud also b happy for other information on programming.

Please just pick one aspect to write about.

please pm which part you want to write about first so we dont get duplicate pages.