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    Textlinks Available on (With a SPECIAL!)

    Advertising opportunities are now available at We currently have two different packages as well as a SPECIAL! for advertiser to choose from. Please have a look.

    We are a promising file-sharing / file-hosting company started in January 2005. Growth has been consistent at around 200% every month, and is expect to rise even more with new major features rolling out by the next two weeks. A screenshot of our statistic can be downloaded from here (webserver) and here (fileserver). We are one of the top 100,000 websites online as rated by Alexa, #94,621 at the time of writing and growing. Currently also rated by Google as a PR3 website.

    Sitewide Textlink:
    Available on top of every page, this is a fantastic spot to capture the sight of all our visitors. At a very affordable $15 per month only, you can have the full attention of all our visitors!

    Best of all, now we are running a SPECIAL!! If a spot is ordered for a 3-month period, there will be a $5 rebate, with a total of $40 instead of $45! What's better than enjoying a good discount while also advertising to even more traffic in the coming months at a fast-growing site like

    This spot is non-rotational and will display to every single one of our visitors. Our visitors varies in a wide range, from repeating users to people who just want to check out a picture or download a file, definitely a good investment to get as much exposure to your company as possible.

    These links are placed in the greenish yellow box at the top of every page. Sample of how it will look like to a visitor is available here and here

    Frontpage Textlink:
    Targetted mainly to our repeating users, this spot is ideal for entities who would like to advertise their websites, particularly a free service at a very cost-effective way, with only $5 per month. Our users are generally frequent internet users who you could also benefit from, by having some of them checking out your proudly developed websites and let them stay over! Lovely isn't it?

    These links are non-rotational, and are placed right below the upload form. You may have a look at our frontpage at here.

    If you have any questions, I would be glad to sort them out for you privately via PMs. Alternatively, I can be reached via email here.

    Thank you very much.

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    Sitewide links are now closed and are not up for purchased anymore. Thank you for your interest.

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