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    Cheap text links for sale (PR5 - $5/mo)

    Big lot of PR5 text links for sale - $5/mo. Themes: health and insurance. Minimum order is 10 links - $50/mo.

    Also PR3 text links (various themes) for $1/mo. minimum order is $100 (100 links).

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    PR3 links from same site or from different site?

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    All PR3 sites different - ~60 of them.

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    Are all the sites on the same class C ip block?

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    are these site wide links?

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    can I get a sampling of the health and insurance sites? Got any higher PR sites in that same vertical?
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    Originally posted by jplamb
    Are all the sites on the same class C ip block?
    What one might find a wierd question makes alot of sense to me if the myth is true. Good question!

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    Links are sitewide, on same C class IP block (one server). PM me for a list of sites. There are PR4s and some PR5s (second server), and PR0s (very new sites on third server). This network of sites started just few months ago, are on development and improvements (like link exchanges, etc.) stage, it is why prices currently are low. In the future we may be having a lot of sites which 80% of them will be on different C class IP blocks.

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