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    Samba + Windows Domain Authentication

    I am testing a little online project at the moment with our home network here.

    I have a extremely reliable VPS so downtime isn't a problem yet, and i want to setup samba to be a domain authorisation master.

    I want our windows pc's here (XP) to authenticate with samba on the vps i have.

    Now i know how to set everything up (ish) and have tested it, now im stuck as i don't know what to enter in for the domain in windows, as everything i enter produces a domain controller not found error.

    Now i know this will work eventually but need a helping hand to point me in the right direction if possible, you linux guru's out there, hopefully you guys can help me out.


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    I have never tried to join a domain across the internet, but I think you will need to establish a VPN with the server... or at least make sure the correct ports are allowed to hit the VPS

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    It will probably work, but the question is why?

    What do you stand to gain by putting your PDC in a datacenter 1,000km from your pc's? You run a variety of security risks unless of course you do this via VPN.
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