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    New FREE Web Stats Service

    We are pleased to announce the release of our new stats service What is It is a new comprehensive stats web base service that can fully track all your web sites statistical patterns.

    The features of this program were based on suggestions and comments from our Virtual and Reseller customers. We felt like LiveStats and Webalizer were not cutting it, so we custom developed our own web based stats application. With features that include Visitor Paths which shows how a person found your site, and the pattern they followed while surfing your site, this product will give you the info that you need.

    We are offering this service to everyone free of charge. You get 100MB of log analysis each month for free. You can also upgrade if needed for a small fee. To register go to and click on the register link at the top of the page. Once you have done so simply log in and manage your account and place the small amount of code into your sites pages. This code can either show as a graphical counter, or it can be invisible to the user.

    To see a demo go to
    Username: demo
    Password: demo

    For more info you can email [email protected]
    Alvin Slocombe
    E-Insites - "Web services, simplified."

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    Looks nice, i'll try it out with a few of my sites.

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    Great service….. How many full visitor/hit would that 100MG include? I’m currently using stat counter, great service too but it only shows the full info for the last 100 visitors.

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    We are doing a benchmark test to see how many visitors 100MB will include. We will let you know our findings.
    Alvin Slocombe
    E-Insites - "Web services, simplified."

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