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    specific needs: my music, mp3s, forum, and CHEAP!!

    this is my first post, but ive been searching the forum a lot to get som help. but decided its time to log on and ask myself .

    I'm want a website for my music project, where i will put up streamable mp3s (downloads eventually, but i'd rather sell it than give it away free), a message board to discuss the songs and other music goodies, and basically all i can get to promote my music, but nothing shameless

    so i searched many hosts... and believe it or not, i found bluehost to be the cheapest and most packed with what i need.

    i admit i know very little, but its 4 gigs disk space and 100 gigs of transfer seem very attractive. i know 4 gigs is extremely big for my initial mp3s i'll be hosting, but i intend to put all my work up in the following year.

    i dont like the 6,95/month for 24 month period. thats a HUGE commitment for a starter like me. what if it suck you know?

    but can anyone with experience with a rock band site help me out? whats good for us ?

    thanks a lot

    edit: oh, and ive read the mixed reviews about bluehost. i dont have an initial good view of their business, as it seems to be in that "big business" category. i like more indie things. but if its cheap and good, hey...

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    My advice is to be careful of hosts offering that much space and bandwidth so so cheap. They are often over-selling their own account limits, and should you actually need that much space and bandwidth you may start to experience downtime and slowness.

    Many times the cheaper solution is not the best.

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    yeah, i see what you mean.

    IF i ever get to use that much discspace and bandwith, i'm sure it'll be a year from now.

    does anyone have an idea if there are web hosting companies who specialize in hosting sites for musicians? i guess that should've been my topic title.


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    I don't think so. I mean, custom packages can be arranged - but beyond that there is nothing much special to a musicians website then there is to any other website.

    Its all about the service, features, and how much space/bandwidth you need.

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    ah, cool.
    good to know
    thanks man.

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