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    need cgi programmer

    I need to hire someone to create a little script for me, here is what I want the script to do.

    I have a list of URL and an ID, for example:

    ....and so on...

    The script needs to read from this file, then fetches all content from that URL, (JUST THAT PAGE FROM THAT URL ONLY, NOT THE WHOLE SITE) including images/css and save all of that into a directory, named by the ID of that URL

    so the script fetches the first URL, all images for that page, and stores it in a directory call "123".

    I think you should use wget to do this, but if you have a better way, go for it.

    now, in the end, what I want to do is be able to go to my website, and it will display the page of that URL, but hosted on my server, with wget, if you fetch a URL and the file name is list.php?id=1, then it'll save that file with that same filename, so when you go to it will display the directory's files, so what the script need to do is after it saved all the files to the directory, it need to rename the filename of the page to "index.html", for example, it downloads the URL: and saves it into 124, then it needs to rename list.php?id=1 to index.html

    Not a big project, but a little tricky.

    if you can do it, please email me tuan AT with your price.
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    Hi Aplusmedia,

    Would a script made using php instead of CGI be ok?
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