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    Cheapest Managed Dedicated Managed Server

    Do you guys know of any who is the cheapest dedicated and managed server?

    I'm going to get dedicatedplace, but would like to know if there is anyone else out there who can even come close.

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    I think you have this in the wrong forum.

    This is the colocation forum only . I notified a moderator about this so it will be moved shortly.

    To answer your question about cheapest managed dedicated server it is very hard because anyone nowadays say their servers are managed and you got P4 2.4s running around for $65 fully managed apparently.

    If you want some true managed providers try:,,

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    Whats that managed company called that had lots of $$$ issues a couple months ago.....Angelznetwork or Angel Networkz? They are cheap mind you I'd never suggest someone use them.

    Remember, you get what you pay for.

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