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    [paying] Quality tutorials needed for creative forums


    I'm interested in paying tutorial writers for custom tutorials primarily in Photoshop, Illustrator, and FlashMX. They will be posted on:

    I'm looking for a few writers to submit quality tutorials over the next few months at about $10-$15 each (depending on quality).

    Some requirements:

    1. They must be high quality
    2. They must not be plagarized
    3. They can only be posted ONLY on your personal site and, preferably just pixelmunkies

    Please PM me here or on PixelMunkies with a sample or two of tutorials you have done or actual tutorials you would like to submit. I will be doing a search to make sure tutorials are not plagarized, so please do not try to submit someone else's work or slightly alter a tutorial done by someone else and call it your own.

    Check out:
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    Only those programs? What about other tutorials that people might need for other programs

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