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    Question ResellerZoom V Hostinglite

    Hallo all again; ive managed to narrow my choices down too 2; and

    Reseller zoom package: RZ-3; 8gb 120gb b/w $3 first month; $22 odd after that (private name servers)

    HostingLite Package: Custom; 18gb 180gb b/w $25 a month. (private name servers)

    (All reseller; resellerzoom has 1gb more RAM and more info.)

    Who should i go with? ResellerZoom have better support IMO; what you lot think?

    Currently me thinks reseller zoom; but hosting lite have assured me i will be put on they're xeon server not the celeron.

    I need speed and reliability...



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    i've just bought a package from resellerzoom

    i'll let u know..

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    I have been with ResellerZoom for about 6 months now after leaving Ipower and it has been the best change I have ever made. I have had 100% uptime for the last 4 months. I have a total of 4 support tickets put in and all of them were answered within 20 minutes and totally solved within 1 hour. I didn't think there was a host like this anywhere but I am definately happy I found them.

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    I take it hostingzoom has same support etc. Yes? As i may go with them for end user support etc.

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    I've been with reseller zoom over a week now. I've had only minimal slow pockets, only when accessing CPANEL, and it only happened 1 or 2 times..

    I'd go with RZ

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    just received my whm/cpanel log-in info...

    everything seems far so good..

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    Cool; ive just signed up with hostingzoom this minute. Hopefully will be good!

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    Congrats.. lol, if you are paying with paypal, make sure to send the payment ASAP, because they won't send the details until they get payment.

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    Yup; i payed on the spot

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    me far loving it...

    thought whm would be hard to learn....

    but it's so

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    I would have gone with ResellerZoom.

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