Hi, ScribbyTech.Net Currently receives 500+ unique hits a day.
The screenshot of the stats only shows this month.
Unique hits have been around 300 700 so far this month.
Last month it was 300 - 1200.


Anyway Im looking for some people to buy advertising on my site.
at the moment Im only selling text links.

Top of page (In 'Welcome To Scribbytech' Block) :
$5 Per Month.

Bottom of page (In the footer area) :
$3 Per Month.

Also you may notice the "Advertising" block up the top of the page, I currently dont have a price for this but Im running it on a bidding basis.
currently the highest bidder is at $8 and there banner is there, they have only 20 days left, if you can PM me with a price you are willing to pay then after that 20 days your banner will be put there.

Contact me by:
e-mail : scribby(@)scribbytech.net
or just PM me.

Richard Simpson