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    299host and mycubix

    **I can't post links for some strange reason but anyways**


    .net and .com

    Both of those were in one of the forum sections below. Can anyone recommend either one of these.

    Basically I'm looking for 200 MB hosting, plenty of bandwidth but I don't want to break $3.50 USD a month.

    What would be best or are one of the above good?
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    (Sorry I don't have any information about those hosts) but you can't post links because you don't have enough posts yet. It's a way for WHT to keep down on the amount of spand. Plenty of bandwidth for $3.50 a month might be hard to find...
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    Hi jimmygoon,

    The best thing to do is outline exactly what your requirements would be, so in this case, rather than stating plenty of bandwidth, actually state how much bandwidth you would be expecting, 1GB, 2GB, 50GB etc.

    This should help others here when attempting to recommend a host for you, bear in mind that you do get what you pay for, so if you are expecting a lot from a host in terms of bandwidth, then you may need to pay a little higher.

    Either way, after some good research into various hosts, and plenty of patience I am sure you will locate a host that meets your requirements.

    Best of luck.
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