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    hallo all; heres my review of

    Ive been with tamranda for about a month now and all has gone quite smoothly. After talking to ankit himself i managed to get myself an excellent deal and my account was setup in 10 mins.

    I then uploaded my sites and server was fine; then i encountered my first problem. All NTL Users could not access the server i was on. So i contacted ankit and within 15 minutes i was transfered to the other server. So far so good!

    Then i started crawling sites for my search engine and the server was getting slow; at times above 6 when i wasnt doing anything. Being a 2.4ghz celeron its not the best thing...

    Now; in the past couple of days i have encountered my biggest problem; I cannot access my site in any way shape or form. I can ftp it or just browse on it unless i use a proxy. So again i contacted ankit and his support team and after a bit of talking we discovered it was out of their hands; it was just one of those things.

    Now ive decided to move hosting companys to a faster server; with less space and more expensive.

    To conclude; offer great prices; if they were to invest in better servers i would stick with them. I guess its just my luck Reliability wise i have had no downtime at all; apart from the access problems (i ran siteuptime from start). Support; is very good when ankit is on msn. Otherwise when emailing they're help people the time span is 5 mins - 3 hours. Not bad; i just need better.

    Overall sign up with them; try them for youselves. If you're not to power hungry they will suit you well. Maybe they will get better servers soon.

    Hopefully resellerzoom can do better!



    BTW: I havnt un-signed up yet; but will do when all back-up etc are complete...
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    Just to note; the access problems, only i couldnt access it; everyone else could. Also, it was out of their hands; they tried their best

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    They are an especially nice company but really need to invest in better servers, i agree on that. BTW that once happened to me when i couldn't access my own website, after a quick reboot and immunization of my comp using spybot s&d & installing Norton all was A OK and havent had any problems since.

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    Strange you should contact NTL informing them of your problems.

    Ankit seems a nice guy even though i've never used there service.

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    Hate to say it but I'd never trust the guy after a couple threads I've read in the past. Too many honest hosts to chose from in my book.

    Nevertheless, glad you were happy for the most part though one month is hardly enough time to accurately evaluate a provider.

    Good luck with your new host.

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