Drag Drop Sitecreator <www.dragdropsitecreator.com> an advanced online website builder, can now be easily installed on servers running C-Panel and Ensim control panels, SQLFusion announced today. This option had been requested by several web hosting companies and hosting resellers which currently offer Drag Drop Sitecreator . SQLFusion has decided to move forward and to fulfill that need.

The innovative drag and drop interface in SQLFusion's lead product, makes it simple for anyone to build a custom, dynamic and professional looking website. Unlike other web-based site builders, SQLFusion's product provides complete freedom of creation for end users. By allowing web hosting companies using C-panel and Ensim control panels to quickly and painlessly install Drag drop site creator, SQLFusion has made it simpler for web hosts to offer the site creator to their customers. "It really is the best on line site builder I have ever seen" claims Tim Le Grand of Superior Host <www.superior-host.com>.

Drag Drop Site builder empowers small and medium businesses to create a custom web presence at low cost. Any web site created with Drag Drop Site creator can integrate a long list of ready to use applications such as E-commerce packages, RSS feed aggregators, Blogs or Photo Galleries after downloading them from <www.webfusionstudio.com/packages.php>. Web hosting companies can build and distribute their own packages as well in order to address the needs of their own customers. Most existing PHP open source scripts can indeed be taken by web hosting companies and turned into free add-on packages for Drag Drop Site creator .

See <www.dragdropsitecreator.com/> for more information.

About SQLFusion

SQLFusion, LLC <www.sqlfusion.com > is a U.S. company based in Lawndale, in Southern California. Its founder, Philippe Lewicki, developed the first online database Form Manager in 1999. Fueled by this early success in creating web applications, SQLFusion has developed an advanced online web authoring tool with Drag Drop website builder as its leading product.