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    Ping Zine 1&1 article

    I just read an article in the latest version of ping zine that talks about the huge growth of 1&1 in 2004.

    I remember in 2004 when 1&1 offered free webhosting accounts to everyone and 80% of the geeks I know jumped on it, But today I cannot find a single person I know that is still hosted with 1&1.

    Are they counting their free accounts in their estimated 400,000 hostname gain during 2004?

    I re-read the article and it seems they worded everything in order to stay away from this argument i.e. "active hostnames", but I kind of feel let down by the article in Ping Zine because they do not disclose the fact that 1&1's gains were largely in part to their Free hosting campaign.

    I don't know why I decided to post about this but I guess I look at Ping Zine as a Great place to read real articles without a lot of marketing hype.

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    No comments necessary, I think
    Disclaimer: I'm not a customer of 1&1.

    As the world’s largest web host, 1&1 is both profitable and completely focused on this business.
    We’ve been a driving force in the industry for more than a decade and are the most financially stable
    provider in our class. Foundation: 1&1 was founded as a reseller of technology products, including an
    early online service, in 1992 by Ralph Dommermuth (now CEO of United Internet, the public parent
    company of 1&1, and CMO of 1&1).

    Schlund + Partner, a leading web host and registrar acquired in 1998, was co-founded in 1995
    by Andreas Gauger (now CEO of 1&1) and Achim Weiss (now CTO of 1&1).
    Mission: To provide an optimal Internet presence for private users and small-to-medium businesses
    by offering a complete range of innovative, high-quality web solutions at value prices.
    Employees: Over 1,300 at 1&1
    Total of 4,000 at United Internet
    Technicians: Over 150 developers and administrators
    Data Centers: 4 operated by 1&1, 2 owned by 1&1
    Servers installed: 27,000
    Connectivity: 18,000 MBit external Carrier Class Connectivity
    Our Own Backbone
    Customers: 3.5 million customers on paid services
    Domains: 5 million domain names are registered and handled by 1&1

    Financial figures (United Internet as a group*):
    Revenues: $521 million in 2003 ($399 million in 2002)
    EBITDA: $106.1 million in 2003 ($79.4 million in 2002)
    Profit before taxes: $81.4 million in 2003 ($49.5 million in 2002)
    Earning per share: 84 cents in 2003 (70 cents in 2002)

    Public listing: IPO in 1998
    Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany
    Market cap: Over $1.3 billion
    share price gained 183% year-to-year
    share price gained 360% since IPO in 1998

    Trading volume: $3.3 million daily average in last 100 days
    Shareholders: ca. 38.3% Founder
    ca. 9.9% Strategic Investor
    ca. 51.8% free float

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    I know what article you are talking about. I do not believe there was in marketing hype in that article. Did you know 1&1 was huge in europe even before they started the U.S. based free hosting campaign.

    Well 3.5 million customers on paid services
    that ends that.. Find someone bigger ;-)

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    Yeah My point was that their 400k active US based websites in 2004 were more than 50% (estimate) free sites.

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