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    Local Forum Woes

    So far, I have narrowed it down to the following hosts for me and my friends new forum.

    Unified and doorhost seem to be the most reasonable with all of the features we want.

    Then, we thought, how about finding a local host and keep our money here in Grand Junction, CO. I couldn't believe how outrageous they were. I am talking $165 per year for 50mb of space and 10GB transfer. I don't need that much transfer but I do need more space. 100mb and 2gb. Plus they don't have Fantastico and a bunch of other stuff.

    So, I guess we don't get to keep our money here and we will be looking elsewhere.

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    I'm surprised your local hosting company wasn't willing to negotiate. Did you ask them if they would match one of the other hosts you mentioned? I would, just to see what they say. Some business is better than none!

    Good luck,

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    Some business is better than none!
    Not really...

    You need to factor in support in general..
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