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    Client Area Name

    Hello Every body just want to take your opnion

    first of all what is better for a client area (billingand support) name





    Onther issue

    what about create a web hosting account with one of the prev. subdomains to be an indivdual website for saving the db

    as when i create any MySql db related to my webite i feel that it make the domain little slower so i want to make my client area as onther website

    thanks for your time

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    I would prefer 'members' over the others because it could be anything related with ppl subscribed with you.

    'my' sounds like a custom page.
    'secure' like a billing area.
    'clientarea' is too hard to remember.
    'sitecontrol' I just don't like it

    members is the easiest to re'member'


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    is members good for billing and support client area ?

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    personally I breathe a little easier when I see "secure", even thow nothing is 100% secure, it really takes the edge off when dealing with billing issues . Showing your clients that you have a secure area (and labeling ) to change/add/update billing information will put their minds at ease.

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    secure is always a good way to go for billing.. For the members section, I would go with clientarea, looks more professional
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