I was looking to use this design for a project but came up with a better use for another design i created, So i am selling this design which could be put to good use.

The design does include a logo, or a graphic header, but with the simple interface, the buyer can modify to suite the design for own purpose.

I am Looking for $225 for the design or best offer, $250 will be the buyout, i have a set low, so once theres a offer i agree to, if no other offers are posted within (6) hours, than best offer wins aslong as it is at my set low.

Will Receive PSD upon Approval of Funds.

Payment Options, Check, Money Order, Credit Card contact for more information, i do not use paypal no more, nore do i ever see myself using a service that freezes my account becasue my balance is to high.

I will Create the following
2-3 Subpages - $50
Logo - $25
HTML coded - $20

Click Here

PM's only please, thanks.


PS: ScreenShot is in Low Quaility Format.