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    Feedback Request (Atrivo/ Intercage) & The Server Den

    I am asking for feedback regarding a server company by the name of Atrivo and/ or Intercage.

    I am wondering if someone may currently have a server with this company or may have done business with them in the past and if so what you think of them.

    I recently ran into some problems with our server and am wondering if I am the only one.

    I have not been able to identify if the problem is with Atrivo/ Intercage or with the company I contract my server administration to (The Server Den). It seems like both are pointing fingers at each other while my customers continue to have problems with their websites.

    If anyone could shed any light on these companies it would be "greatly" appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    I can say that Atrivo is one of the best dedicated companies I have ever delt with. I have had servers with the company since my first company was formed over three years ago. We currently have servers in multiple locations but still have 7 active servers with Atrivo. I've never once had a problem contacting Emil or getting a problem resolved quickly and certainly am more then happy with the reliability and speed of their network.
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    Atrivo has a very stable and reliable network. we've been with them for over 2 years now
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    Thank you for your reply's.

    I did not have any problems until about a month ago. I was able to contact Emil from Atrivo but have never found out exactly what had happened. I had to move all of my sites to another server. I think my server admin. company (The Server Den) dropped the ball. I just don't know. We had to keep restarting "bind" every 30 minutes. My cutomers were really upset. The sites were going up and down like a yoyo. I just would like to have some closure on this. I still don't know what happened.

    Thanks again!

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    I know it's a bit late, but I'll add my 0.02 in here
    In the past, Atrivo was an outstanding company to deal with. From working with various customers, I can say that Emil has (in the past) been great.
    That said:
    In the past year, the support with this company has just flat out fallen off the face of the planet. Without going into too many details, I'll just say that Emil has repeatedly failed to boot servers promptly when notified, and verify that they're booted properly.

    Case in point:
    4am CST I was notified of a customer's server being down. When I determined that it was indeed down, and talked to the customer, I notified Emil of the situation (via sms, the same way I've been doing the past 2 years for this customer).
    It's now 9:11 am. Has this server returned? Nope. I've sent out 3 different emails, 2 to his cell, 1 to support@ . Surprisingly enough, none of these have been responded to.

    I wish I could say this was the first time, with this client, but I can't. Atrivo was great, but something's happened in the past year to cause that greatness to just , well, go. perhaps it was the purchase of hostany that drove him to being too busy, not sure, but this kind of response from Emil any more is typical.
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    Hey linux-tech,

    It's not very fair for you to write this message since you are not a direct customer to Atrivo or Intercage. We realized that there were library problems with your server immediately after you send the SMS. I replied to the person that owns the server and the person we have always had contact with. Here is the reply that we received:

    Hi Emil!

    This is weird, I haven't ordered a reboot.. Perhaps Felix did?

    As it is now, the server seems to be down so I guess it will
    need to be rebooted though..



    So we have always had contact with Fredrik and Felix, I am not sure what your name even is.

    Plus for the record I spend 2-3 hours fixing the box to bring it back from the segmentation faults that plagued it from coming back. Appoligize that it took so long to get it working 100%, but I am sure the box is back to normal. No money was charged for this, since I don't mind helping customers in need. Especially longtime customers such as Felix and Frederik.

    No hard feelings on my part, just a miscommunication since we have no contact info for you. Maybe please contact me and let me know which boxes you run or own and I can add you..

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