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    Dedicated With Cpanel

    I am looking into leasing/renting a server. I just had a few questions about configuration.

    I wanted to offer cpanel hosting plans and reseller plans.

    On my server, I would have Red Linux, Cpanel, MySql. What else would I need on the server to offer hosting - not counting billing and stuff like that - just the software to get it going.

    Also if I grew large enough to need another server, would I just get another one and configure it with the same setup?

    And if I end up with multiple servers, is there a way to "cluster" them so they work together?

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    1. (the cpanel install script) fetches all the packages it needs, so you dont have to wory about that.
    2. Besides changing some DNS settings on the 2nd machine, yes it is the same.
    3. I believe so... might want to talk to cPanel about that

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