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    Mambo CMS - Jump Start Tutorial

    I just spent the last week learning Mambo. It is very powerful - but very confusing to the new user. I had almost given up several times because of the Admin interface that doesn't make a lot of sence. But once you get past it's quirks - it is really great.

    As a result I wrote this little tutorial for new users while I was still in the pain of learning and posted it in the Mambo support forum. It seems to be very popular.

    So - I'm posting it here for those of you who might try Mambo - it's worth it - but this will put you ahead of the game big time.
    Marc Perkel
    [email protected]

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    That is a great effort, should be be helpful for new mambo users, i would also be interested in it, i was trying to learn using the admin panels

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    Thanks for the tutorial, Marc. I've been looking for a good CMS recently, but decided against Mambo for now due to the learning curve and sloppy admin interface. Hopefully your tutorial will change my mind .

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