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    re [1]: e-mails

    I get the feeling this is something well-known, but I'm not really sure.

    What are the e-mails with titles re [1]: or re [15]: from? They're coming from a few names, with addresses of random characters at yahoo and hotmail. My mom complained about getting them on her cellphone, and now I'm getting some in my (e-mail) Inbox.

    Is this some sort of virus? And if so, any idea how it spreads? You can e-mail our phones (it gets sent as a text message), but no one we know has ever done it, so it's unlikely it's pulling it from someone's address book.

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    SPAM my friend. I'm using Barracuda Spam Firewalls which uses Spamassassin, so you might be able to use this type of regex filter on the subject lines (note you might need to modify this according to your system):


    Most of these emails are Pr0n (porn). They include some garbage text and a link to a port web site.
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