My name is Nuno and this is my review of K1z.com for 3 month as a costumer.

I'm from Portugal and I have an Intermediate shared account with K1z since the February


The speed to the site is very good, 55 ms, usually I get 15/20 ms to my ADSL provider.
The network is very stable and I've never notice any downtime or degradation of the service.


The server is very stable too with a small load ... always accessible and fast.
I never notice any problem with the server neither with the daemons.
Apache, ftp, exim and mysql have never let me down.


I never had any issue with the service and I only mail Adam twice.
The first one to talk about the service before I signup and a week ago to make a minor change to my domains.
Adam is very fast to respond and is always there when I need.
He is very flexible too. When I sign up I have a few requirement that where not cover in the plan and Adam had no problem to resolve then.


The price of the plan is very affordable as you can see in k1z.com website and have everything I need.

So, my vote goes to K1z.com as a choice for shared web hosting.