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    Looking for a web designer/template

    I'm branching out from IT consulting and hosting for favorite clients to more broad-based hosting, and I need a web design to go with it. Past clients all knew me personally so my web image didn't matter a whole lot.

    Ideally the end product will be a set of templates I can edit in Dreamweaver/NVU/whatever, or a theme that ties in well with something like Mambo.

    PM or e-mail if you've got some interest. It'd help if you could point me at some past work.


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    Hey S.Diaz,

    I'd be glad to take care of this layout/template for you. As for working it into mambo, I'm not very familar with it's scripting, but I'm sure we could work it into it.

    My portfolio:

    Please get back to me as soon as you can. My contact information can be attained from my portfolio.

    Thanks, and take care,

    [I'm sorry, I now see to PM you. I have sent one as well. ]

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    Immediate response.

    Thanks guys, I've got responses from about 15 guys, 10 of which seem to be exactly what I was looking for.

    I'll get back with y'all shortly.


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    Contact me these are needing if the web templates


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