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    Review of Layered Tech

    I decided to get another server the other day to use as a image server for one of my sites. I didnt want to spend a lot of money, I was mainly looking for decent bandwidth. After searching around, I decided to go with Layered Tech.

    I ordered my server on a friday, got it around tuesday or wednedsay. I don't remember the exact day. Logged into the server, setup everything that needed to be setup (DNS, firewall, any patches / upgrades etc...)

    When ordering, be sure to spend the extra $10/mo to get a 100/MB per second port speed instead of the 10/MB.

    The ping time from my location to the server averages about 54 ms, while the ping time to the other servers I have at EV1 average around 55 ms and the ping time to the servers at rackspace average around 30-40 ms. Granted, rackspace is in a whole different league when compared to EV1 or LT.

    When putting in a ticket to support, it can be responded to within minutes, to as long as a few hours.

    So far it has had excellent uptime. I lost connectivity to the server for about 30 seconds at like 4 in the morning one time. But other than that, it's been good.

    Things to remember when getting a unmanaged server:
    - You are the one responsible for maintaining all the software aspects of it.
    - The provider is responsible for hardware and bandwidth... If your lucky, they might provide you with some support, but they are not required to.
    - If you don't know how to manage your own server, don't complain about it being the providers fault when YOU break it. Hire a admin to manage it for you, or go with a managed provider such as rackspace.

    I'm not sure if layered tech has anything in place to protect it's clients from brute force attacks as EV1 does. If anyone knows, please reply to this.

    I hope this review was helpful...

    I will be writing a review later on comparing EV1, LT and RackSpace.

    - Steve
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    Just to add my two cents:

    I have been with LayeredTech for about 2 months now, and I have had excellent service with the server side. The network uptime has been great and the server was setup in less than 3 hours.

    However, I have a bad part too. I have emailed LayeredTech, asking them a few questions, and it has taken upto one week to get a reply, after explaining it twice and resending it because it seemed like it was being ignored in a way.

    Also, I have asked questions, and had a reply which was completely off track.


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    I think they might be outsourcing there support. I'm not sure on this.
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    I've not seen any indication that they are outsourcing support. Every response has been from the same guys in-house. Also all of our support issues have been tended to within 1-4 days.

    DNS stuff is handled quickly. General support can take a few hours to 3-4 days... but eh, so far it's not been that big of a deal.

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    I also donīt see any indication of outsourced support. Support is normally quick and helpfull IMO.

    Although in response to the first post they donīt have any real DDOS mitigation technology afaik, about all they can do is null route your IP.

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    Does layered tech have any affiliation with the planet?
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    Originally posted by swilliams
    Does layered tech have any affiliation with the planet?
    I believe they used to co-locate servers there. But, now they are moving everything to SAVVIS.

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    swilliams, Thanks for the review.


    We do not outsource any of our support and do it all in-house. We have staff at the datacenter 24/7 and have office space in the building aswell. We will soon also have a new NOC up and running to offer more level-1, level-2 support and other security / abuse services. As for the 3-4 days replies for support issues that is not true as we resolve most issues in less then 12 hours and will reply and work on all issues within 24 hours. The only area we know of having slow response has been our Accounts department which can take some time to reply due the shear number of tickets they are working on.

    We deal with 380 - 450 unique tickets a day for LT clients and majority of them are delt with and closed in the same day others may take more time if its a IP-Network issue or strange hardware issue. If the people claiming we take 3-4 days to reply and resolve support tickets could provide me with the ticket numbers of the issues that took this long I will be more then happy to look into this further.

    Yes we still colocate a few hundered hosts at ThePlanet and are no longer deploying hosts into that DC. We are not affliated with ThePlanet / ServerMatrix in any shape or form or use their support services. We provide all our own support out of that DC aswell.



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    We have 2 servers with Layeredtech, and our uptime is 100% :-)

    They are one of the best!
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    I agree, they are really good. I would be there if I had any money

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    I think they are great. I request for a server reboot and they responsed within 10 mins. Also, is it really worth it to get 100/MB per second port speed?
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    layeredtech has really been a big help to me and i am glad I chose them to house my servers at for the hosting company I am putting together as we speak. I have submitted several tickets to them on numerous questions/issues and they have all been responded to in under 10 mins...99% of them in under 2 (seriously) I just recently ordered a hardware upgrade and it was performed in under 24 hours and I received warning when the server was going down and confirmation when it was back up. Really a class A operation you can tell they are proud of their company and I feel 100% comfortable in running a business out of their DC. I have one point of contact now and his name is Todd Abrams and I have emailed him directly and recently he just wrote me back while he is on vacation out of the country and the question was not even mission critical.

    and yeah 100mbit is a good idea especially if you are running game servers...and for an extra $10 bucks anyway; what the hell why not

    oh and Jeremy, you should have the company open up in Savvis's data center is Chicago, that would be great for some of my gameservers

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    what kind of monitoring is included on their services.
    Do they do Ping monitoring , Service monitoring like pop3 / SSH service monitoring like SM and sending Alerts when server down !

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    I have no experience with dedicated servers, but am now considering moving from reseller to dedicated. Is Layered Tech willing to "hold my hand" and walk me through the process during the first week? (I'm a fast learned, that's all I need, i think - i hope.)
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    i had a layered tech server for almost 4 months. 100% uptime there worth every penny imo.

    - Eddy
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    haligi I think they are willing to do a little hand holding, I had a few questions not related to the installed services and they were more than willing to answer me and not give me any crap about it, I liked that about them. I have another non mission critical server (gameserver) with and they take days to respond to a ticket and dont answer anything really...its rather sad

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