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    * Profitable Business Site For Sale!

    The site was sold but buyer did not follow through with the payment
    so I am re-listing the site for sale again.

    Bidding starts at: $10 000 USD
    Buy It Now: $17 000 USD

    Domain: [Unique Design]
    Business type: Hosting / domain / affiliate business
    Income: $1100 > $2000 USD per month. $1100 USD per month is in subscription fees. The other is from guaranteed traffic sales, $60 USD is from adsense per month, some from domain registrations and webdesign work.
    Expenses: $279 USD per month. (server cost )
    Google PR: PR5
    Google indexed pages: 4,890 pages indexed in google.
    Link popularity: 50595 [MarketLeap]
    Paid customers: 87 (each paying $14.99 per month)
    Free affiliates: 541

    The affiliate Side Of The Business
    Each affiliate/member get's their own self replicating
    website. Example: This is all automated
    when an affiliate registeres.

    The business includes two customer areas. 1 for paid customers and one for free

    Online SiteBuilder
    SiteBuilder integrated with the hosting accounts.
    More info:

    Autoresponder Service
    The autorepsonder service is using the software and has been integrated with the customer only area for paid customers.

    The Domain Name Service
    Using Enoms's API for instant domain registrations. Software from
    Integrated with design of the rest of the site.

    The Web Hosting - New owner can use same server
    Control panel: WHM / Cpanel (inludes WHM Autopilot)
    Server: Dual 2.4GHz Xeons - 2GB RAM - FloodGuard - (Super Resellerz)
    Provider: ServerMatrix / ThePlanet

    Customer software - affiliate system
    Software: Web Site Replicator [latest version]

    Community Forums
    Software: vBulletin 3.0.7
    Design: Custom design

    I will provide up to 3 months of free support to help the new owner running
    the business.
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    Nice site and layout..

    With that kind of income, why are you selling? Seems like its doing good.
    Michael Neubauer

    AlteredSanity - Reliable Linux Hosting

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    Ethelbert, MB, Canada

    This is a very interesting business opertunity... I just have a couple questions for you.

    1. You say that you make $1100 in subscription fees... however, $14.99 x 87 = $1304.13, I'm assuming the difference is the commission?

    2. Those other $900 ($2000 - $1100 = $900) are from "guaranteed" traffic sales, could you elaborate? Also, do you have any other liabillities / expenses? (advertising... employees... outsourced support).

    3. Would you be willing to provide income statements / balance sheets under a signed N.D.A. (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

    4. How would you like the succesfull purchaser to pay? I.E. do you want the entire amount up front, or say a 50% downpayment, and the rest in monthly enstalments?

    5. Finally, how do your clients pay? PayPal, World Pay, Bank credit card processor?

    Thankyou for your responses, and feel free to PM me the replies, if you would not like them out in the open.

    Christian Herrnbock
    Christian A. Herrnboeck ([email protected])
    MonteCarloHosting :: Advanced, Web 2.0, Business Class Hosting Solutions
    Shared, Reseller, Cloud, and Dedicated Solutions
    Backed by the World's Most Advanced Systems

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    im interested i noticed you are from UK are most of the clients not USA?

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    I am from Norway. Most clients are from the US.
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