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    PHP & ASP on IIS6 Win 2003 Server

    We have a Windows 2000 web server running IIS5 that runs ASP and PHP. We also have a Cobalt RaQ4 Linux Apache box also running ASP and PHP. Other experience is also that the two can co-exist happily on various web servers.

    We are looking at replacing our two servers with one Win 2003 IIS 6 server, but our web developer is saying that it is not possible to run PHP and ASP on the same Windows server.

    Is this true? The sceptic in me thinks they are just trying to get some redevelopment work out of us (we will have to pay them to have some PHP stuff transferred to ASP), but it is not a great deal, and I am happy for them to do this anyway, but we may have a requirement for PHP in the future.

    Many thanks,
    Mat Greenaway
    Birmingham, UK

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    Hi Mat,

    We are running php and asp both on the same windows 2003 server without any problem. Currently managing three win2k3 servers and both are having these features.

    It will not be a problem.

    Widnows Master

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    Both can run no problems on the same machines but there are very good reasons for keeping PHP ( or CGI/Perl ) OFF of Windows machines.

    IIS / ASP / ASP.NET are now extremely reliable anyway but with IIS6 you have the option of running each site in it's own separate application so if one site dies it does not take the other sites with it - this makes the individual sites rock solid.

    The problem is if you add PHP or CGI/Perl you're back to sharing that resource between all sites and one badly written script can take down the whole of IIS rather than just one site.

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    I run PHP, Perl , ASP, ASPNet, mySQL in IIS 6 Windows 2003 , they are fantastic, I don't see any problems running for years.

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    Same here. We run PHP 4 on our Windows servers along with ASP, .NET, etc. Some providers even have an instance of PHP5 on their servers

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    Ditto. Have PHP running just fine on our win2003 boxes. Even have one development box here with PHP4, PHP5, Perl, mySQL and MS SQL 2000....all on one box with no problems at all.

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