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    any phpMyAdmin experts here?

    I've used this tool locally for a while and my own doman has an online version. Recently I made a copy of all the local files and changed the config settings so I could remotely manage a certain domain in the states.

    Now this all worked great and as fast as my local one for about 10 days then wham...2 days ago its all changed.

    Instead of seeing just my own database (usually with a hosting package they only give you one right?) and tables on the left theres a great big bloody list with loads of other people's DBs. The list doesn't scroll down enough for me to see mine, ( mine begins with "V") but I can get to it via somewhere else.

    Might not seem a big deal I know but its also real slow now too, changing a table's structure, inserting a row, pretty much any change is a long drawn out affair now where before it was quick.

    Since I haven't changed anything I assumed it was something these hosting guys had done and since I reported the issue they've just fobbed me off saying "phpMyAdmin always shows every DB" which I know is rubbish.

    I'm convinced the problem lies their end but just in case I thought I'd better ask on here if anyone's had a similar problem.

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    Not an expert, not experienced a similar problem.

    PHPMyAdmin should show only the databases for a single user. This is most likely a problem with the management by your hosting company. I'm not sure if you are using a control panel, but usually cPanel automatically puts username_ to the start of each database.

    Contact your host again and ask that they tell the truth/ let you know why this is happening.
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    Could possibly be that the user name that you have perms to use in MySQL has had its permissions foo bared and now you can see all the db's in the system.

    Definately get a hold of your hosting provider as starfinder stated and let them know whats going on. Could als just have been a botched upgrade on their part.
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    Thanks for replying guys. I've got a solution now but I still say these hosting guys caused the problem in the first place, I reckon they either upgraded mysql or changed my details so after the authentication process they showed me too many dbs.

    anyway, some kind person showed how to get round this, so for anyone in the future reading this thread, heres how you fix it!

    locate common.lib.php within your phpMyAdmin installation folder.

    do a search for a function called; PMA_availableDatabases

    after the three lines starting with global, add the following (where dbname is the name of your database):

    return TRUE;

    this will remove the dropdown menu and take you straight to your database

    I've just done this and it works like a charm, can only see my db and its nice and quick like it used to be.

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    Is this an installation that you have in your folder, like each user on the server has their own install and source files?

    If so, then the above code sample would be great, but otherwise it doesnt seem that it would help for others.

    Either way thanks for posting!

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