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    Domain Selling System


    I am looking for domain selling solutions. I will be only selling domain related options such as domain registartion, domain forwarding, DNS forwarding. etc.... there will be also hosting option BUT THIS IS OPTIONAL and can be take this service optinaly.

    Mainly I will be targeting domain selling on website.

    Any one know such kind of software?


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    It depends, if you run through eNom, they actually provide an API script which you can customize so you can do all of this.

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    there are several registers that offer this,I would opt for one that does not charge you a fee (setup) just to sign up to sell their domains.

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    It depends on how much "back end" you want to deal with yourself.

    Enom and Wild West Domains allows you to set up a domain reseller acount where they do all the backend stuff (billing, tech support) and all you do is promote and set prices for your products.

    Directi and others have very simple solutions that allow you to do the same thing but you have to handle all the billing and tech support yourself.

    It really depends on you. The companies that do the back end typically charge a fee to do so.
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