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    Exclamation Looking for Beta Testers

    Howdy all,
    Im currently looking for 2 Beta testers to try out my script and send me feedback on how to improve it and what bugs you find. Its still in the early beta phases of Project1, with about 20 more Projects after this to come, so its going to be a on-going thing.

    What Im looking for are 2 gaming sites to use this script. Its not designed specifically for game sites, but I was once part of a gaming community, so I hope you can understand my disposition.

    The sites will be judged by me on their basis for appilicapibility for my script. I will be taking into consideration many things for the 2 people/sites I choose, but please note I am NOT looking for the "BEST" or most eye pleasing site etc etc. Basically, if You think you might be interested, feel free to email me because you might have a chance.

    BTW, I will only be accepting E-Mail based applications.
    - Nyture - email me here
    :: You can reply to this post with your website and I will review it also, however email applications will be considered first and foremost. ::

    About the script:
    I don't wish to release many details to the public, but the script goes along the lines of a MASSIVE CMS & more... I promise, this is something you will not want to miss out on.

    Application Details:
    I need your:
    Website Name:
    Website URL:
    Years in the community/Years Programming:
    Programming Languages Known:
    Estimates Hits per day/week/month: (any of the 3)

    Any other information you include will be appreciated and taken into consideration, however is not necessary. If you think you might be interested, again, please email me at the link above.

    Thanks for you time.
    - Nyture

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    Due to low responses, I will be also accepting any other types of sites, Just please include what kind of site you run in the application. Im still looking for 2 Beta Testers for my Script. Details of script available upon request

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    What is the payment?

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    sent you PM

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