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    Can we host mysql database server in windows 2003 WEB Edition


    I don't know where to ask this.

    I am interested in posting a new website. I am a asp developer i am creating the site in asp which is supported by windows. When i came to know that windows 2003 server don't have option to host db servers.

    Can I host mysql in windows 2003 webserver. Please tell me friends. i am soo upset in this because i can't spend a lot. My budget is 50 - 75$ / month for dedicated machine
    please tell me


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    Yes, you should be able to run a MySQL server on Windows 2003, however it is not a 'from the box' option.

    Visit, and goto the "Windows Downloads" area by scrolling down a little, and then pick a mirror to download the windows installer for MySQL.

    It shouldn't be too hard to install from here as you should be able to follow the installer.

    Please post back if any problems

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    You're not going to get much of a Windows dedicated server at those prices though.

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    As monaghan said, I don't think you'll find a server with that budget, as it costs for the actual server, plus the Windows 2003 licensing through the data center (or yourself)

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    actually i have installed MYSQL

    Friends thanks for this info. I have installed in windows std edition not in web edition.

    so i hope there won't be any problem for me

    thank you
    - Albert

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    Can we have websites

    Friends, Thank you for the reply. I would like to have anotehr doubt cleared. i.e. Can we have a website (ASP) in windows 2003 web edition without any problem like windows 2003 std. with a MYSQL server in the same server.

    - Albert

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