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Thread: Few questions

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    Few questions

    hi everyone

    I just wonder if anyone could explain me this "Lotus Notes email system" ? and what is it ? how does it work ? or any experience ..etc.

    And "cloning desktop PCs" , w hat is it actually ? and how does it work ? or any experience ...etc. Thanks alot

    p/s: i am not sure this is right place to post these questions, but if it wrong, Mods please move it to the right forums, Thanks alot

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    Lotus Notes email system, is a software which help you quickly and easily build secure and reliable messaging through email and also it enable calendaring , scheduling etc.

    Cloning desktop PCs, I think it is a software enable you to migrate individual setting and data from one computer to another.

    you should visit google with proper site, I think you 'll get your answer in more details.
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    Lotus notes is not that great and has a history of security vulns. I would stay away from it if at all possible. Just my 2 cents.
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