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    We're doing a school project where we have to set up a semi-commercial computer production company. This project involved making a website for our company for advertisement and promotion purposes.

    We were looking for a dutch webhosting company to host our website. Our teacher recommended TGweb for our site, because he knew them personally. We weren't too pleased with their prices. For example, our hosting package (50MB - 6GB transfer/month + a domain) cost us over 90 (Which is quite a ridiculous price considering their lack of service and features.)

    During the process of developing and updating the website, we've had lots of downtime and malfunctions. For example, we couldn't open the control panel, we couldn't use FTP, or the site was offline for more than a day. We've sent various e-mails to their helpdesk, but we get no or an insuffient reply. It's as if they can barely speak Dutch.

    If you go to this very moment, you'll see the Plesk default page, informing you that there's no site configured at this address. We were just in the process of doing some critical updates today for our ordering script. Now, we can't update our site and we can't receive any new orders. This is causing damage to our business. We've tried phoning them, but they can't be reached. We're very disappointed with this webhosting company and we're switching webhosts TODAY.

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    pcpl, sorry to hear about that. The price issue can be left aside IMO, but the reliability complaint is a serious thing.

    Better luck with your new host!

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    What a mess...

    Why don't you try wih ? That is webhosting provider based in NL and seems very realible to me, for a very reasonable amount of money.

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