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    php/mysql developer - automotive site

    hi everyone, I thin WHT is a great idea.

    OK, here goes:

    i want to launch an automotive site like using php/mysql. Their site has paid membership with a mailing list opt-in at sign-up, that allows users to recieve forum posts, newsletters, etc from their specified selections. Registered users can then ask for help, etc by posting information about the vehicle, problem, testing already performed, etc in the forum. There is also a chat room, user contributed articles and other features that could be added later.

    Now here's the kicker:
    I need someone who can not only build the php/mysql part but would be willing to also guide(teach) me through the whole creation process from start to finish as I am trying to learn about dynamic site creation. I'm not sure how exactly we could do this (maybe IM with a mike, detailed explainations in the code) but I'm sure we could work something out.

    I would like someone over 18 but will consider younger if you can demonstrate the skills required (with examples). I think this would be a good project for someone with some extra time willing to put a few solid hours a week in as the timeline is not set in stone. Of course the faster the better but I'm not looking for nor can I afford someone full time right now (unless you want to be a partner or semi-partner - see below).

    People with design skills are an asset but not neccesary. Obviously this will require someone skilled in php/mySQL but they will also have to be somewhat patient (as I will be asking questions, etc).

    As far as payment goes there are 3 options:
    1. I can pay by PayPal weekly based on an hourly rate
    2. Full-Partner
    3. Semi-Partner (you would get some money for your work but you would have a smaller stake in the site)

    I may look at someone who could customize a pre-built application or CMS but I prefer something built from the ground up (unless it's a simple CMS that you can teach me) as I want the site to be fast and I can just add the features I need with a custom build.

    Any comments, suggestions or if you just think I'm nuts for asking let me know.

    If your interested let me know by posting or email me here:
    yugnats [@]


    PS. I did have a more detailed explaination here but the stupid thing timed out and I lost some of it. If you need more info, just ask

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    I have found someone to try. Thanks for all your responses so fast and I will repost if need be. Stan

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    do you want to try? or to develop serious project?
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